clash-posterEarlier this year I visited the impressive copy of the Bayeux Tapestry at Reading Museum ( a highly recommended journey). Little did I know that this experience – moving,  intellectually stimulating and historically fascinating in itself – would lead to my involvement in CLASH!

Yes – 7 choirs etc…as you can see from the poster. They had commissioned me to write a piece inspired by the Tapestry.  I was thinking…. nice, a wee choir of youngsters and some lovely music by lots of  other composers….I hadn’t bargained for an extravaganza using an impressive space, huge banners and live sound, moving, challenging and surprising the audience……
Image result for bayeux tapestry images

I was drawn to the sea – as I am so often in life and in art – the wait on the shore, the watching, the fear of those waiting for invasion in 1066. Fortunately the poet I was working with was drawn there too… Jill Fricker produced a hastings-20160507-01138powerful poem – The Watchers… so I got on a train and wrote some dots for it.

Lipstick – you will notice is very important to the compositional process – as is coffee (well in my case green tea).

So – here we are – the performances are on Saturday – September 24th –  at 4.30 and 7.30pm. Tickets are available at very reasonable prices here .

My work is showing alongside longstanding colleagues  Karen Wimhurst  and Orlando  Gough, whose reputations are legend.

I am in awe of the whole event – the brain child of one of my electric voice theatre colleagues Jenny Miller.

I feel proud that the young choir of wonderful singers Hastings Youth Choir are working so hard on my music, and that I will be able to hear them sing at this fantastic event which also showcases the work of old friends  who I am  proud to have known and worked with at different times of my artistic life.

Please join us  – more info  in this article:



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