Minerva Scientifica – Discovering Zero

smilesWell, I know we’ve already discovered it, but every child needs to discover it for themselves, and some, from Yerbury Primary School, Islington, did just that during a visit to the Museum of Life Sciences on the last day of February. Professor Brian Sutton was demonstrating symmetry to this wonderfully concentrated group of students from Year 6 when it occurred to them that turning the shapes by 3600 and turning by nothing would be the same as making nothing happen……. reminding us that ancient people didn’t know about 0 and that without it mathematics and computers would be not quite so productive!

gils 2

Dr.Gillian Sales was talking Mackerel and discussing the links between gills and mushrooms (just turn a mushroom upside down and you’ll get the idea), and how fish can breathe air….a normal day in this extraordinary place. While somewhere on Guy’s Campus at King’s College London – in the midst of the old hospital and the corridors of modern laboratories, the sounds of voices singing evolution could be heard.



What a delight it was to work with such a creative group, and what an impact they had on the scientists they met – impressing them with their ability to connect the voice, science, art, music and still have fun while working out where to place the pieces of the jigsaw of the Tree of Life – Evolution and DNA, all in one place.

We are all looking forward to hearing what they produce for our sharing morning on March 18th at 11am, Arts and Media School Islington….. do come along – book for free at  Eventbrite


2 thoughts on “Minerva Scientifica – Discovering Zero

  1. Dear Alex, 

    Here is some updated information for you about Minerva Scientifica and we hope you will be able to attend our pilot project on March 18th

    Regards,  Herbie

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