Minerva Scientifica in among the bones

Museum of Life Sciences Workshop meeting 1 bestHere we are – at the start of something new…. well new to me…sitting in the fantastic Museum of Life Sciences  on Guy’s Campus at King’s College London with its curator  Dr.Gillian Sales, Prof. Phil Whitfield – Emeritus Professor and former Vice Principal, internationally renowned parasitologist (tapeworm Oochoristica Whitfieldii was named after him!),  Dr Ann Bartlett from the  Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Professor Brian Sutton –  Professor of Molecular Biophysics  (an expert on X-ray Crystallography, DNA,  and Dr. Rosalind Franklin  – he recently advised on “Photo 51” in the West End starring Nicole Kidman)

What, you may ask, can you, a mere singer, maker of noise and general mayhem, be doing in such august and academic company? Well singing, making noise and general mayhem of course. Indeed we are planning the invasion of the museum by  Minerva Scientifica and over 100 hundred children from Islington schools, which will lead to the singing of DNA, the story of Rosalind Franklin and the sounds of a few animals appearing together on a stage in Islington on March 18th.… check back here to see how it develops…… should be noisy!




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