Minerva Scientifica: Peckham Car Park Collides with Cern

EVT postcard frontMinerva Scientifica performances in August:(click links for details)
Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2015 
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

There is a car park in Peckham where you won’t find any cars, but you will find collisions of culture and environment both unexpected and delightful in equal measure. Here is an inventive alternative culture including a large open air bar where you will find the trendier end of Peckham life, and an orchestra – on this occasion playing the music of – Kate Whitley

Peckham Car Park

What a fantastic way to spend one of the hottest days so far – gazing out over the panorama of the London skyline while absorbing the sounds of a beautiful work for Orchestra and children’s choir, played with such commitment, intelligence and life. I am / I say was a simply structured work reflecting environmental concerns through the voices of the children, a song transfigured into a symphony with soaring lines for the solo voices over a richly textured orchestral score.

And hmonopole questow does this collide with CERN and its Large Hadron Collider? Through the Monopole Quest of course!  The scientific community is searching among the collisions for a magnetic monopole – yes – you guessed it – a magnetic force with only one pole. If magnetic monopoles exist, I’m told this means that physics and our understanding of the universe will take a magnificent leap forwards/sideways or indeed who knows where. I discovered all this (and much more) at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition, through the expert explanations of the inspirational Dr. Becky Parker and her students from Langton Star Centre.

Yes – but how does this connect to that Multi Story Peckham Car Park I hear you say. It’s a simple case of physics in the shape of  Professor Mairi Sakellariadou, who is deeply involved in the Moedal Experiment – set up to find that elusive monopole.

Professor Sakellariadou and Whitley met on our Minerva Scientifica – The Franklin Effect project at King’s College London and created collisions of their own between theoretical physics and music. Somehow a work is emerging for 4 singers which draws the audience through a physical, aural and spiritual engagement, into the cerebral sphere of Theories of Quantum Gravity. There is a short preview of the work – among others in progress at King’s –  on this youtube link.

You can experience it live at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2015 and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 this August.

You can also get involved in finding the monopole – good luck – I’m hoping to beat you to it!

New Minerva Logo 11Minerva Scientifica – an evolving music-theatre programme reflecting the lives of British Women Scientists told through the music of British Women Composers.
With an emphasis on the scientific context within which women operated, the project sets out to examine the evolution of significant work by female scientists from history, and their impact and influence on women today who are following similar lines of enquiry.


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