John Muir


The wonderful Mike Maran dragged yours truly up to Cambridge on Sunday to sit behind a computer and a mixing desk and cue the sound I created with Herbie Clarke to illustrate the World of John Muir.

How on earth you squeeze the life and work of Scottish Naturalist, John Muir into a short, semi-staged story telling format would be a mystery to me, had I not seen Mike at work! It is an epic, icy, yet warmly entertaining show, packed with insight, anecdotes, barking dogs, glaciers, waterfalls, meadows, steamships, fires, and snowflakes moving mountains.

If you don’t know about John Muir – then here are the five reasons you should:

  1. He demonstrated a love of wild land and of the natural world
  2. He argued for the intrinsic value of nature
  3. He argued for the restorative and spiritual effects of experiencing nature and wilderness
  4. He wanted to educate people about the wonders of the natural world and inspire people to experience it for themselves
  5. He campaigned for the protection of wild places

I urge you to find out more about John Muir -and while you’re at it, why not traverse the 134 miles of the John Muir Way? Or, pop up to Dunbar to visit his birthplace? Or perhaps, just like me, open your window and listen to the birds… – I mean really listen to them……

Eat your heart out Alan Burgess

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