Minerva Scientifica June 2015

postcard front printMinerva Scientifica performances in August:(click links for details)
Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2015 
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

Our Patron  –  Judith Weir  (Master of the Queen’s Music), along with the other exceptional composers we are lucky enough to have with us on this epic journey into science, have had an intensely creative and busy year so far. Check out all the links to their work below – and make sure you get along to all their upcoming performances (not just ours!).

As we head towards our Minerva Scientifica summer performances;  the culmination of our Franklin Effect Project at King’s College London; and future touring and project development – I find myself overwhelmed both by the generosity and enthusiasm of all the incredible people who have contributed to our work,  and the extent of expertise, innovation and brilliance we discover in our expedition into the world  of women  scientists.

Too big a subject for one blog, I am resolved to try to find time to post about the women scientists and composers I encounter as the work progresses,  rehearsal updates, scientific facts, performances and the development of our projects at different universities around the UK. Do check back for news soon – meanwhile here are some composer links to check:

Judith Bingham
Karen Wimhurst
Cheryl Frances-Hoad
Lynne Plowman
Shirley Thompson
Kate Whitley

For a sneak preview of what is to come, have a look at this fascinating article by Patricia Fara about  Elizabeth Tollet  – think Mathematics, Isaac Newton, The Tower of London, Hypatia and poetry…..

New Minerva Logo 15 small croppedMinerva Scientifica – an evolving music-theatre programme reflecting the lives of British Women Scientists told through the music of British Women Composers.
With an emphasis on the scientific context within which women operated, the project sets out to examine the evolution of significant work by female scientists from history, and their impact and influence on women today who are following similar lines of enquiry.


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