Big Mouth Piano Tales on Fun Kids Radio

Big Mouth Piano Tales, on the verge of its 10th Anniversary, has been given a landmark airing on Fun Kids Radio

 “The Emperor and The Nightingale” adapted from the original story by Hans Christian Andersen with words and music by Frances M Lynch and piano arrangements by Mark Troop has been out every day at 4pm from Boxing Day to Hogmanay on The Club with Luke. Now at the start of a New Year, it’s  time to reflect on the differences between live performance, recording for CD and broadcasting.

It is strange that listening to the piece anew on a media where there is no immediate audience feedback (at least not that we know of) should teach us so much about our approach.

The Audience at Colchester Arts Centre draw on the floor!

The recording used for the radio broadcast was originally made to

The Emperor and The Nightingale CD

provide a CD which members of the audience took home and used to relive the story and their experiences – they already knew the moves.

The Supergeek (aka Mark Troop) gets going!

3 thoughts on “Big Mouth Piano Tales on Fun Kids Radio

  1. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the episodes on Fun Kids radio. I will definately be looking at buying a CD from your website ( as I missed one of the episodes and really want to hear all the details that i missed! Do you have any other projects airing on the radio station that I could listen out for?

  2. Hi, I’ve enjoyed the radio broadcast too, would like to attend a live concert in the future, when would the next The Emperor and the Nightingale concert be?

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