electric voice theatre at ARTMUSFAIR

electric voice theatre will be represented by Frances M Lynch and Alexandra Loewe at this year’s ARTMUSFAIR in Weimar.

ARTMUSFAIR in 2011 focuses on contemporary music education, hosted in Weimar/Germany from 28 April – 01 May

In the frame of the “Weimar Springs Days of New Music” (Weimarer Frühjahrstage für Neue Musik) and during the celebrations of the Year of Franz Liszt, ARTMUSFAIR will open its 4th edition in the centre of Germany, Weimar, a city which has been intellectually shaped by Goethe and Schiller and inspired not only Liszt and Wagner …. from 28 April – 01 May 2011, creators and makers from the contemporary classical & art music scene throughout Europe have been invited, as well as professionals, teachers, trainers and experts that are active in the field of music education and want to share their knowledge, expertise and the latest in contemporary music education with the creative community in order to define common goals and strategies.
electric voice theatre is going to present The Grid Project and The Opera Kit.

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