Earlier this year I visited the impressive copy of the Bayeux Tapestry at Reading Museum ( a highly recommended journey). Little did I know that this experience – moving,  intellectually stimulating and historically fascinating in itself – would lead to my involvement in CLASH! Yes – 7 choirs etc…as you can see from the poster. They … More Clash!

Superwomen of Science

“In this virtuoso solo performance, Frances Lynch convincingly assumes the identities of different leading female scientists. The music is stunning and sophisticated, the ideas are challenging – and the dark humour underlines how heavily the odds are stacked against women who should be at the top of their profession” Patricia Fara President of the British … More Superwomen of Science

Minerva Scientifica – Discovering Zero

Well, I know we’ve already discovered it, but every child needs to discover it for themselves, and some, from Yerbury Primary School, Islington, did just that during a visit to the Museum of Life Sciences on the last day of February. Professor Brian Sutton was demonstrating symmetry to this wonderfully concentrated group of students from Year 6 when … More Minerva Scientifica – Discovering Zero

Minerva Scientifica – Seeing Beyond the Ducks

What do you see? Ducks? Or Triangles? In the Museum of Life Sciences  Professor Brian Sutton was drawing unexpected symmetry from ducks, the exquisite tiling in the Alhambra Palace and Photo 51 – the work of  Rosalind Franklin . His audience did indeed see beyond the ducks. Pupils from Arts & Media School Islington began to see … More Minerva Scientifica – Seeing Beyond the Ducks

Minerva Scientifica in among the bones

Here we are – at the start of something new…. well new to me…sitting in the fantastic Museum of Life Sciences  on Guy’s Campus at King’s College London with its curator  Dr.Gillian Sales, Prof. Phil Whitfield – Emeritus Professor and former Vice Principal, internationally renowned parasitologist (tapeworm Oochoristica Whitfieldii was named after him!),  Dr Ann Bartlett from the  Institute … More Minerva Scientifica in among the bones

Minerva Scientifica: Peckham Car Park Collides with Cern

Minerva Scientifica performances in August:(click links for details) Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2015  The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 There is a car park in Peckham where you won’t find any cars, but you will find collisions of culture and environment both unexpected and delightful in equal measure. Here is an inventive alternative culture … More Minerva Scientifica: Peckham Car Park Collides with Cern